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We empower couples to excel at loving each other.

Love Intently's app gets to know you and gives you personalized insights into your relationship. We're launching our mobile app soon, get on our list for early access!

What couples are saying about Love Intently

Ben & Melissa | Dating 3 years

Ben & Melissa | Dating 3 years

"Love Intently is a breath of fresh air each day. No matter how hectic or busy I am, the message reminds me how happy I am with Mel and prompts me to do something special for her. I think we would all benefit from more intentionality in our relationships
- Ben
Adrianna & Cory | Married 3 years 

Adrianna & Cory | Married 3 years 

"I loved the spontaneity of the suggestions and the reminders made it even more convenient with our work schedules. I enjoy using Love Intently!"

- Adrianna

Hallie & Logan | Married 1 year 

Hallie & Logan | Married 1 year 

"You always want to do something nice for the other person you just don't know what to do so it's nice getting ideas and reminders. They're all really great"
- Hallie

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